Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh..Hi Blogworld

Hello bloggers of cyberspace! I'm new here..but I've been reading slash laughing slash crying over some other people's blogs for the past few months. I'm a big fan, but not really a we'll just see how this goes.

Anyway...I live in Iowa. Its like exactly the middle of America and NOTHING goes on here. Haha, I miss Utah, a lot a lot. But, I owe $186 dollars for going over on my phone bill so I guess the new means of communication will be blogging..? Ha, and I can think of maybe one person who will be reading this :) Which is probably good.

In 10 days I'm coming home for thanksgiving and I am going crazy with anticipation.
Top 10 things I'm most excited for:
10. Mountains. Iowa is flat as a pancake and I never realized how much I loved mountains until they weren't there anymore...
9. Snow. I have never been so cold in my life as it gets here in CB, Iowa. (AKA winter quarters for the mormon pioneers) YEAH. so so so cold. Utah is cold too, but suffering through the bitter cold is bearable when theres a beautiful, winter wonderland to enjoy. Iowa is brown and gray..and gross.
8. Jamba Juice. Theres none in Iowa. And I crave them like its my job.
7. Costa Vida. same. it's killer.
6. I can't wait to go home and drive my car. I haven't driven a car since August, and I admit its kinda nice having other people chauffer me around BUT, nothing beats the freedom of cruising around in your own car, windows down, heat turned on high, MY kinda music blasting out the speakers, going as fast as I want, whenever I want, to wherever I want...I miss Pedro.
5. I miss Utah Church. Okay, okay, so that sounds bad. I know the church is still true wherever you go..but Utah has its own quirky church culture, and once you've been somewhere else you can recognize that. I miss it.
4. I am SO excited to be with my Cousins & the Extended Fam. My pretty much stacked. Seriously, they are aweomse. I love those people. This year's the Brian side for thanksgiving and we know how to have a good time. Can't wait.
3. Mi Amigos. OH MY GOSH. I miss my friends. holyyyy cow. Its outta control. I thought they were pretty cool before I left, but then I went out into the world and realized, friends don't come any better than them. I miss talking to them constantly and knowing every detail of each others lives. I miss our inside jokes and being able to communicate without words. I miss making a good time no matter where we were and what we were doing. Oh my gosh...I can't wait to see my friends.
2. My Brothers and Sisters (and Sam and Lizzie) Oh man. No words.
1. Madre & Padre. WHOA. Life lesson numero uno learned in college, being all free and independant and whatnot...SO overrated. I cant wait to go home and have my mommy take care of me and treat me like I'm 6. YAY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


hello. my name is christy. im a blogger