Sunday, September 28, 2014

2013--- Some Highlights

It's officially been 2 years since I blogged last. Guess this is a trend that kind of came and went?--but I kind of miss it. It really is valuable for me to put my thoughts together and get some perspective on my own life---and I love that I can share with people I love who are far away. Actually, I love that I can share with people who are close!

Two years of catch up is a little daunting soooo, here's how 2012-2013 went:

Not long after my last post--Nicole and her friend Shayla threw this Murder Mystery party. We went all out and it was hilarious. Grateful for this happy memory. (Not a real cigarette...)

Later that month while I was reffing intramurals I watched my best friend get his leg snapped in half. This picture is from when he was in the hospital. This is kinda when I realized how much I loved him. (ie. He couldn't get out of bed to use the bathroom because of his leg, so someone had to empty his pee container for him.... EW. If that's not true love, I honestly don't know what is) But seriously, this is a special memory for me..

At the end of that year, my best friend married her dream guy. I was giddy for her. She's been there for me since Junior year of high school and I'm just so grateful to 'do life' with her, because she makes it so much better. She's the greatest friend in the world and this was a happy day. 

I moved home from Utah State to start my student teaching in Roy--this was January of 2013. This is a picture from my first class ever. *insert heart eyes* Student teaching was HARD and I was super stressed at this time in my life, but these kids were hilarious and awesome.

When I moved home to student teach, I was a little closer to this boy in Provo who I've dated off and on, pretty much since high school. He's pretty wonderful and I was excited because it was finally time to give us a real shot instead of the sporadic, awesome-date-once-every-couple-months-thing we'd been doing. This is a picture from valentines that year; roses, chocolates, and a poem he wrote that was both adorable and hilarious. Pretty much hit the jackpot.  

Later that month we lost Maria Fernanda to a car accident--it was (and still is) so hard to watch a family I love lose their little girl and big sister. My heart broke. But this picture from the funeral helped fill it a little..This is her youngest brother Alex watching his white balloon float up to his sister in heaven. 

While I student taught I also picked up a job at Forza coaching two little girls teams. I had a blast with these girls and I was grateful for coaching because the impending job hunt for teaching jobs was stressing. me. out. Also, this cute British coach showed up and we had a lot of fun together before I left for the summer.

April of that year I turned 23, it was pretty low key--just dinner with the fam and the next day my parents left for Peru to go pick up Doug!

In May I finally graduated. There were a couple times throughout my college career that I seriously doubted this would ever happen. So, Hallelujah for this day :)

That summer I left for Tennessee again, only this time, this handsome guy came with..

It was kind of a weird summer--I was disappointed by how different it was from the previous one, and plus, Doug was being a post-mission weirdo...But there were still PLENTY of great memories, especially thanks to Bieber, Whit, Bear the dog, annnnd Doug was fun sometimes too ;)

I mean, what am I even saying? It's the funnest job, ever. I was so happy. Tennessee life is a good life.

A miracle occurred before we left and I had a real, grown up job waiting for me with Weber School District when we got home that fall. My mentor teacher from student teaching left--so they were looking for someone to fill her spot at Roy High. I can't lie. The first year teaching kiiinda sucks. It's super stressful and made me wanna re-think alll my life's choices up to that point. But, it had it's fun dad helped me make a ping-pong table for my Sports Psychology class and the picture below that is the struggle of being a young, new, single teacher---PROMISE you won't ever see me in the news for some scandal with a student though guys. Yikes. 

How could I forget!? I guess I'll end with this because this post is getting lonnng.
Probably the biggest highlight from 2013--While Doug and I were out in Tennessee this was happening back home: 

Mine and my family's lives were changed forever. Seriously, since this moment, our entire world revolves around her. Addison is the best thing that's ever happened. This picture is from when Addi and I met for the first time:

So there ya go, the rest of the year was pretty much me trying to survive/ get acclimated to teaching. Not as many fun pictures of really wasn't all that fun becoming a grown up...