Friday, May 25, 2018

Excerpts from my Teaching Journal: Some Highs & Lows

As I sit in my empty office and try to make use of these final few hours of the school year--I've been doing some reflecting on the last 4 years at Timpview. What a whirlwind it's been! I came down here a wide-eyed, wandering, single 24 year old---and yesterday, after I bounded up the seminary stairs to sit down in my office, I felt my future son kick inside my stomach for the first time. I'm a puddle of gratitude and wonder at what the Lord's done with my life. 

The end of the school-year is always really, really hard. The kids are done, and the teachers are done and we try to just claw our way through the month of May for the most part. This year was no different. It was fun for me to read back through my teaching journal and consider my journey. Here are some excerpts:

This job is a lot of work—I feel like my head is just spinning sometimes…I feel like I am underqualified so I study A LOT to try and make up for it, and I’m really exhausted. But it’s sooo worth it.
...when we let the scriptures shine it really doesn’t matter about teaching style. Today I was teaching a principle from DC 117 about how we shouldn’t “covet the drop and neglect the more weighty matters” I challenged them to quit focusing on their “drops” and see the bigger picture of their lives—Sterling got so excited about that and asked me after class, “Did you come up with that or was that in the scriptures!?” Haha! Truly I will never come up with anything as awesome as what’s in the scriptures! I love helping them discover them.

Rachel Darrington gave me a note she said she found on the floor—didn’t know who it was from.