Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Business

Sooo, the summer was really dreamy. But, (surprise, surprise) not quite what I was picturing it would be like 4 months ago. Prepare yourself for a HUGE post trying to cram alll my summer in, I'll try and keep it as short and sweet as I can, post a couple of pictures, and you can fill in the blanks.

First off, I was STOKED to get back to EFY and be a counselor for 9 weeks...
Ohhh, yeah.. Except EFY didn't get back to me all summer. I didn't get assigned a single week for all 4 months. (cry, cry, cry.) I was honestly so, so disappointed- I really missed it this summer.

When I realized EFY was never gonna call me, I felt really let down and frustrated. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me find something else to do all summer, and that's when these little cuties came into my life..

I applied to a company called Soccer Shots and got a job coaching 3-8 year olds at day cares and camps. Seriously? Hello, dream job, thanks for falling into my lap.


When I wasn't coaching I got to vacay a pretty decent amount this summer...I took a couple trips to Lake Powell, spent a week in Maui with the whole extended Fam, a week in San Diego, and took off for a couple of short weekend campouts...some great memories :)

Last but not least...the dating prospects this summer. Met some realll winners, but there was mostly 4 that stuck around. The Chronic 1st date, The Premie, Mr. Extremely Nice Guy, and Mr. Temple Trip Date. All Gems. (Temple Trip Guy not pictured, I dont usually take my camera when I go...) I don't know if anything's gonna develop further with any of them but I'll keep ya posted..

I had a realllll nice summer, lots of family and friends and fun. I really do feel "fully content." Hope everyone else had a good getaway from the grind.
Now it's back to business as usual in Logan town.