Friday, October 29, 2010

All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies..

Some Things We Have Learned Together : Jeffery and Patricia Holland

"Don't rush things needlessly and unnaturally. Nature has its rhythms and its harmonies....Be calm, be patient, be happy with the season you are in.

Life ought to be enjoyed at every stage of our experience and should not be hurried and wrenched and truncated and torn to fit an unnatural schedule which you have predetermined but which may not be the Lord's personal plan for you at all. We probably all get caught thinking real life is still ahead of us, still a little farther down the road.

But don't wait to live!....Don't wait for life to gallop in and sweep you off your feet. It is a quieter, more pedestrian visitor than that. In a church which understands more about time and its relationship to eternity than any other, we of all people ought to savor every moment, ought to enjoy the time of preparation before marriage, filling it full of all the truly good things of life.."


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pond Scum...Lower than Pond Scum.

The other night my "friend zone" friend came over to tell me he'd finally had enough and was peace'n out. (Which is good, because I'm awful and selfish..) But before he left he wanted me to listen to this cheesy country song by Rascal Flatts.
I think he wanted to torture my heart a little bit for what I did to his.

This is way too sappy for blogworld but...there's like 4 girls who read this? So whatever.

Baby look here at me, have you ever seen me this way?
I've been fumbling for words through the tears and the hurt and the pain.
I'm gonna lay it all out on the line tonight,
I think that it's time to tell this uphill fight goodbye.

Have you ever had to love someone that just don't feel the same?
Trying to make somebody care for you the way I do, is like trying to catch the rain.
If love is really forever, I'm a winner at a losing game.

I know that baby you've tried to find me somewhere inside of you,
But you know you can't lie--girl you can't hide the truth.
Sometimes two hearts just can't dance to the same beat,
so I'll pack up my things and take what remains of me.
I know I'll never be, the man that you need, or love..
Its killing me to stand here and see I'm not what you've been dreaming of.

Have you ever had to love someone who just doesn't feel the same?
Tryin' to make somebody care for you the way I do, is like trying to catch the rain.
If love is really forever, I'm a winner at a losing game.
...............Yeahhh, no really, that happened. After he played it we both just kind of awkwardly sat there. I didnt know if he was waiting for an apology or what? Ahhh....anyway, This is my life.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Technologically Retarded

When it comes to technology I have 4 essentials:
My Phone. My Laptop. My iPod. and My Camera.

Last night I went to get Aggie Ice Cream with my parents who were up in Logan for a ward temple night--My phone was sitting on my lap when I stood up....and accidentally let it fall. to. its. death. RIP little cell phone. Rest in pieces, not peace, because when it dropped, it (along with my heart) literally broke into little pieces. Like this:

The good news is my Laptop runs like a champ--even though last year I completely fried the hard drive somehow and my dad had to basically rebuild it from now runs...great. Whenever I put my headphones in the headphone jack, or take them out, my whole iPod resets. It goes to the little apple screen and I can't do anything for like 60 seconds while it does its thing. It also does this when its plugged in or out of the iHome. Or in and out of the cable that connects it to the computer. You can see how this would get super annoying..Its random and weird, only happens sometimes...I have no idea why, but it makes me sad and stressed and worried for her... Last but not least, my camera. --There was one near death experience when I dropped her coming off the team bus in Iowa, but Dad pulled her through and now she's just fine. BUT! I lost the charger. So yeah, haven't been taking pictures lately. At all. (or movies since I can't get my flip to turn on...)
Last week when I went home and mentioned my iPod's weird mood swings to my Dad, (I try to strategically plan out when to bring up my technological questions to him--tact and timing are crucial for not getting in BIG trouble. I had to pick only one of my myriad of problems to present to him because if he knew about ALL of them he'd maybe have an annuerism..)
So anyway, I asked him about my iPod and he just looked at me for a second, (I think stared into my soul) and then he shook his head slowly and said, "Christy, you're hard on stuff. Ya know that?"

:( craaaap. (insert intensely guilty feelings here) Technology and I have proved to be kind of a detrimental duo.
The way I see it I have two options in life:
1) live like an pioneer, or an amish person...sans all things electronic.
2) Or, I just have to marry a man like my Dad.
I need someone freakishly brilliant, and perfectly patient, who knows how to fix anything and everything. Because I will most likely need him to.
Ohhhh Dad, I love you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


You know the evil twin on little mermaid? That almost marries prince Erik while Ariel has no voice...? I feel like that. Like an evil twin.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


  • Conference is the only holiday that comes TWICE a year.
  • I love the idea of church in your PJs.
  • I love having my whole family around all day--a sunday with NO meetings :)
  • I love how we sit around and eat all. day. long.
  • I love conference bingo.
  • I love taking pictures of all my sleeping family members when the last session rolls around.
  • I love girls night out during priesthood session
  • I love actually going to conference and feeling the buzzing excitement of members that have come from all corners of the world.
  • I love the powerful feeling of being totally united as a world wide church for a weekend.
  • I love to hear counsel and direction that the Lord would have ME know for TODAY, through His wonderful prophets.
  • I love how the messages shared always inspire me to stand a little taller and be a little better the next six months than I was the last.
I really feel so much love for the prophet and his counselors and the twelve. I really feel like I know them. And I feel like they really know me. Which isn't possible but, sometimes I'm sure they do. They are inspired men and I'm thankful for their lives, their example, their love, and leadership.
I wanted to post some of my favorite quotes but I seem to have left my little notebook in Kaysville..... :( So! More to come soon...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unpleasantly Surprised.

3 months ago I was playing soccer in a co-ed rec league in Kaysville. I was lazily dribbling down the middle of the field and I decided I'd try and cut around a defender. As I cut the ball across my body and tried to change direction, I heard the infamous "pop" and went down on the turf. It was a really bizarre feeling. Not the most painful thing I'd ever experienced but, I just had this feeling in my gut that it was substantial somehow and it kinda shook me up.

We had back to back games and not enough girls on our team, so my team was less concerned about my knee and more concerned about our lack of subs. So after a couple phone calls to #1 my dad, #2 my little brother (to bring me a knee brace) and #3 my physical therapist...I let them talk me into going back in for our next game.

....30 seconds later, I got laid out by a girl half my size and I knew I couldn't finish the game. I hobbled off the field and watched the rest of the game from the stands with my friend Kendon and an icebag on my knee. The physical therapist calmed all my fears and ruled out an ACL injury, claiming I had an "end feel" (whatever that means...) He said it was most likely a torn meniscus that would heal itself in time.

Fast forward a couple months to Logan, Utah and the beginning of another fall semester season of intramurals (..all I have to look forward to now in my soccer career) I was SO excited to play again! I was a little concerned about how my knee would hold up, but, not wanting to look like a weenie in front of my friends, I threw on a brace and ran on the field.

....30 seconds later I get laid out by a girl half my size, AGAIN. My knee locked up, and hurt so bad I couldn't even walk off the field---I just rolled my body across the sideline and waited for Doug to run to my rescue. I decided it was finally time to go to the doctor and the verdict is in:
Torn ACL and lateral tear in my meniscus.

I kept a stiff upper lip while the doctor gave me my diagnosis and explained my options..but as soon as I made it to my car I bawled like a baby. I cried the whole way home. I'm nervous and scared for surgery.
I took my laptop to class and watched youtubes of different ACL reconstructions all day long. See for yourself, here's what I'll be getting for Christmas this year...(watch it with the sound off)