Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Life Fail.

I got out of the bus on campus today and looked down to see this....

Officially losing my mind. Thanksgiving Break couldn't get here fast enough.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freaking Weekend.

The countdown's finally over! My lovely Ms. Cate got married on Saturday!
 Not gonna lie, I teared up a little at her dinner while her slideshow was playing..Catelin is the friend who taught me how to play hand-clap games when we were little like, I had a boyfriend Patty, Hello Operator and Ms. Mary Mack. (Anyone remember those?) We used to have the funnest sleepovers ever and had the coooolest secret club in her dirty laundry closet. I have so many fond memories growing up with her playing mario party or sliding down her staircases on a mattress..and then next thing I know, I'm sitting on the top floor of the Joseph Smith building crying. And she's all, hey, I'm somebody's wife. wtf?
But seriously, the wedding was so, so beautiful. (Kim Kardashian status.) It took my breath away walking into the room. Instead of doing a big reception she just did a dinner-dance and I loved how intimate it was. During the ceremony Layna, Tara, Jamie and I had our hands full with all the Tingey grandkids. They were adorable. Even baby Bo who scream-cried THE entire time. Still love him.

Thennn, we did this embarrassing musical number Our side of the family could probably appreciate us acting like total idiot's but I'm sure the grooms' side just felt's funny I guess.
My wonderful parental unit drove up to rescue me Friday night cause I was too scared to drive through the canyon in the snow. Bless them. I love hanging out with them. 
The only damper to the weekend is, upon my return to Logan, I realized that guys named Dan everywhere are trying to ruin my life and woo my best friends' hearts. Somebody stop the madness! Or find me a Dan of my own. Either way..
Also, I have way too much crap due tomorrow to be blogging... You know where to find me on the top floor of the Library.. ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Body Language : Queen

This song came on my grooveshark playlist while I was studying at a table by myself on the 4th floor of the Merril Cazier.
So naturally, I started dancing, by myself.
Never felt so good about it.
Instant great mood.
Even though I look like a hot mess today and I've been studying all morning for my test this afternoon and of COURSE I run into that kid I desperately want to date right after eating some curry and wearing my brother's way too big for me sweater.
Also, I just found out I cant go home today because I have to work tonight and I have an interview in the morning.
But then,
Body Language.

It's all whatever.
I feel great.

Everyone, I dare you to dance your heart out to this song and not feel great about life.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _

You are laughably immature. Get over yourself.

Love, Chris

Mucky Mucks.

My dear friend asked me if I would go to a luncheon with him after his board of trustees meeting today... So I was thinking like, "...blah blah..meetings...blah blah...important people....blah blah.. fancy *free* luncheon...sounds awesome."
Yes please. 

I just got home from said luncheon. Yikes, I was so out of my element. 

We drove over to the Dean of Utah State's immaculate second mansion, and sat at a beautifully set table under a sparkling chandelier, whilst some asian piano master tickled the ivories and delighted our ears with his angelic melodies. No joke. As we ate, I looked around and realized I was rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful, influential, amazing men and women in our community. These guys were all CEO's and Provosts and Executive This or That's..

Wanna know what surprised me the most about them? Almost every single one of them (and their wives) took time throughout this luncheon to seek me out and approach me, ask my name and get to know me. Me. The one single person at the whole luncheon who had absolutely no right to even be there. What the heck?

It really made me reflect about what it takes to make a good leader or a person of influence in this life. So here's my two cents blogworld.

  • It doesn't require any special background or qualifications to be instrumental to a community or society. It takes drive and determination. And it takes character. That's it. Anybody can decide to be a person of character. I want to be a person of character.
  • The best leaders, have great vision and great ambition, but the key to reaching those far off goals is to pay attention to the one. This thought has been on my mind a lot lately and it really just got driven home today with this experience. Individuals matter. Relationships matter. Pay attention to those two things and before you know it, you're in some meeting sharing your ideas and moving metaphorical mountains.
So anyway, brb I'm just gonna go conquer the world.