Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you Ms. Tarbet.

I don't know if she knows this, but I've listened to this song approximately 739284302 times since Brooke showed it to me. It's one of the most beautiful things my ears have ever heard.

ps. Dear blogging wizards, how do I get my picture up there to be less blurry? Please help.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perfect Day

Its been forever since I blogggged, so here's some updates for all my blog friends..

School is back in session. Logan is dreamy as ever in the fall.

 I finally get to live with BT, its gonna be beautiful. I love her. Always have, and always will.

Yesterday I spent the day out on the lake with some friends--kind of a last hurrah to send out the summer. I cant think of anywhere else in the whole world I would have rather been yesterday. Pineview was gorgeous all day--the weather was phenom. The drive up through ogden canyon took my breath away. Spent all day on the lake laughing and listening to music and just hanging out with people I love in a beauutifull place. We drove home right before sunset--I was all alone singing in my car to some sweeeet sweet music and the sunlight was streaming in through my open windows and blinding me so I couldnt see a thing, and I felt like I was smiling from the inside out. I started laughing out loud, alone in my car...because I just couldn't contain how happy I felt.

I'm gonna miss days like this.

I hope there's more to friends keep getting married and dropping off the face of  the planet.

 OMEN: my two besties both went to weddings this weekend, and BOTH caught the bouquet....fml.