Thursday, January 28, 2016


I'm so grateful for this little record to remember exactly what it felt like to be at various stages of my life. The last post was really kind of at a low and as I read over it again I can remember exactly what it felt like to be so discouraged--March 2nd. But, the end of that same month--March 28th--I went on my last, first date, and met the man I'd soon marry. Funny how life goes..

Falling in love with him was so easy and it happened so quickly. I fell in love with his smile on the doorstep.We skipped our date to just keep talking in the parking lot for hours, and I knew he could be my best friend. I fell in love with his family and their history. Over a few months our lives just sort of melted together and I started to sense how truly special a person he was. I fell in love with him dancing at his brothers wedding and taking naps after church. Hard to pinpoint exactly when...But when I found out he loved me, too, it felt like fireworks.  

 I knew from a decade of watching friends date and marry that falling in love is one thing, but it's still a scary thing deciding to 'take the plunge' and I braced myself for a rough road ahead 'deciding'...(never really been my strong point in life..)

Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the easiest things I've done.  I sat in a quiet, holy place one day and searched my heart, and spoke to God. I came to understand, in a way that is pretty indescribable, that my mind lagged behind what I already knew in my heart. So I hesitantly decided to let that lead... What a blur since then.

Creed and I were engaged on September 5th in San Francisco, and married on December 12th in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

I love him desperately and being married to my best friend is the sweetest thing I've experienced so far in life. Never even knew my heart was capable of feeling so much and so deeply. Elder Holland said that "To give ourselves so totally to another person is the most trusting and perhaps the most fateful step we take in life" I was so worried about mistepping at such a critical crossroads--But God has been so good to me and  I'm humbled at just how much He was actually guiding me though I had no idea at the time. Just, hallelujah. The decade of dating is finally at a close. Hallelujah!!

On to the next big adventure...

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