Saturday, October 4, 2014

Forza Futbol Club

Forza took me off my girls teams this spring and asked me to coach these U11 Boys.

It. was. a. nightmare. 

I have never failed so bad at something I tried so hard at. The boys were adorable but ohhh how we struggled. The parents hated me and ended up staging a full on mutiny part way through the year. 
They called a meeting to hash out with my bosses all the things they didn't like about me--meanwhile I'm just sitting there awkwardly at the front of the room trying to hold my tears in.

I felt like it was totally unfair and unjustified--just a bunch of angry people looking for somebody to blame. It was complete misery and I ended up quitting a few months after.

I had never just up and quit something before, and I gotta say---it felt awesome
Thanks for the memories Forza parents, xoxo.

Bless 'em. They sure were cute though..

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