Saturday, October 4, 2014

My (very brief) Stint with The Color Run......and "DJ Precious P"

This summer I was at soccer conditioning every morning for Roy High, and I spent my afternoons planning and trying to get ready for seminary--But I was kind of itching to get out of Kaysville and also kind of itching to get back in touch with this certain boy... 

So one day at school, I decided to text him, and I asked if maybe he could help me get a job for the company he worked for. Just for the summer, so I could go on races on the weekends.. (semi-stalkerish?) I wasn't really expecting anything but I just thought it would be so good for us to be around each other NOT dating, but just working together and being friends. He didn't seem that weirded out--totally got me the job, and that's when I started my brief stint with The Color Run.

It was fun and fast-paced and I got sent to a different Canadian city every couple days...but my plans of hanging out with boy kinda back-fired. We never got put on a race together because he was off doing an internship, and in a random turn of events, I met and started spending time with a friend of his...''DJ Precious P''

''DJ Precious P'' seemed like kind of a tool at first (everything you would expect from a guy who refers to himself as DJ Precious P) Initially I wasn't all that interested--but he was sweet and I felt like he kinda looked out for the awkward new girl who didn't know anyone yet. I had fun hanging out with him in Canada, and I was actually really excited when he asked me out after we got home. We were soooo not each other's type and I knew it...but he was crazy attractive and I was kind of curious. 

So we went out. 

And then we went out a few more times, and then I found myself  having the funnest time getting to know him and his family. I was surprised by how much he grew on me as the summer went on...He took me to his Cabin over labor day and I kinda fell in love with his whole family. I am such a sucker for people's families.. gets me every time. His mom and sisters were just SO sweet though. And his Dad kept calling me 'sis!' WHAT WAS I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO!? I was smitten. 

 ..I started to think maybe I could make this work after all?!

...then just like that he moved to Provo, annnd dropped off the face of the earth as far as I know. Ha. All communication ceased the day he got down there...left me feeling kind of used and stupid

He's probably dating a girl with a fake tan and bleach blonde hair extensions right now. 

Oops. Lesson learned, I guess. 

Have a nice life DJ Precious P--I'll keep my eye out for you on tour with Kaskade and Steve Aoki..

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